"There are better ideas in the bin than on air"

Is this a good idea?


This ad is fictitious and inverted to identify it as Reverse Creativity.

0% belly fat

I've thought of this concept for Danone's Acti­via since its com­mu­nication uses the navel as a visual key, but obviously it could be adapted to any fruit product that cares for the body. It can be arti­cu­lated as a campaign for different flavors such as peach, apple, apri­cot or orange, using the stem cor­res­ponding to each fruit. The result is a set of pieces that multiplies its com­mu­nicative impact. A "0% belly fat challenge" could also be spread as viral on social networks such as Ins­ta­gram, Pinterest, Snap­chat or Vine, whose winner would be ad­ded as an image of the campaign.

This is Me Ink.

Jaume Monés

Fly with Me

Would you get on a hot air balloon whose pilot lacks enough flight experience? So why would you leave your com­mu­ni­cation in inex­pert hands? The suc­cess of a cam­paign depends on being noto­rious, per­sua­sive and me­morable. And that can only be achieved in 2 ways: With plenty of money to spread the mes­sage until it reach­es the au­dience's mind or with crea­ti­vity to reach their heart at first chance. The more crea­tivity, the less invest­ment. But creativity must be accu­rate. Good ideas fly high and far. Bad ones can make you crash.  Futuristic version

Flight hours

Lürzer's Archive cover

"Nothing like a delicious turkey to open a good bottle of rosé wine"

It looks like a turkey, but it is a lion; or better said, the ideal corkscrew to celebrate what ended up being: Gold Lion in Cannes. A campaign that also hunted plenty of major pieces in other renowned advertising grounds.

González Byass

"Fruits de mer"

Fruits of the sea that satisfied the exquisite palates of the jury in numerous advertising waters: Gold Lion in Cannes.

D.O. Navarra

"The hunting season is open"

The hunting season begins loaded with the ammunition of the red wines from Navarra.


"We don't ask for more than you can give"

Chapeau for the girl who gave us much more than what we asked for on the set. An angel that I will always keep in my heart. Put your Cap On campaign for the Association of Relatives and Friends of Oncological Children.

FC Barcelona

"Palestinians and Israelis defend each other"

For the first time (and hope it is not the last) Israelis and Palestinians are united for a common good. A team made of professional players from both countries face the Football Club Barcelona in the first Match for Peace ever played at the Camp Nou.

Pedras Salgadas

"Appease your most basic instinct: Thirst"

In Portugal there was a rumor that "Agua das Pedras" raised something more than the spirit. It was enough to encourage the urban legend a bit to become extremely viral.


"You are the jewel"

The real jewel is not made of noble metals and precious stones. The true jewel is the woman who wears it.

Random House Mondadori

"No bookless, thanks"

We suggest you go to the beach with a pocket book DeBolsillo, even if you do not wear any pockets.


"Trip with no return"

The danger of partying by car is that alcohol and drugs can change the driver's seat on the way back.

Pedras Salgadas


Our best half does not have to be similar to us. It is usually our opposite.